MAAT works to provide educational opportunities in art therapy, to promote public awareness of the field of art therapy and the therapeutic use of art by publicizing research and maintaining standards of clinical practice.

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Clawson, MI

January 28, 2020

Some good news for Michigan mental health!

Once installed, operators could connect callers with local care providers and resources, including up-to-date availability of psychiatric and substance abuse services.

January 27, 2020

On Holocaust Remembrance Day... what can art do?

The heartbreaking story of the artist who gave the children of this concentration camp art lessons.

Their beautiful paintings survive to this day.

January 26, 2020
Board of Directors

Last week we sent out a 2019 wrap-up e-blast to everyone on our MAAT mailing list. It listed our accomplishments from this last year and election results. If you would like to receive our emails, please contact us at and see our current 2020 board, see link below. Thank you!

MAAT President Leara Glinzak, ATR-BC, MSAT Leara Glinzak is a Board Certified Art Therapist who graduated in 2014 from Mount Mary University with a Master of Science in Art Therapy with a Concentra…

January 25, 2020
Show your true colors and feelings at Let’s Art About It

Thanks for featuring a credentialed and board certified art therapist in this segment!

Relax and de-stress by creating a work of art with a certified Art Therapist at Let's Art About It.

January 22, 2020

Thank you to those who responded earlier and took time out of your day to contact us and respond to a concern that was brought to our attention about falsely advertising art therapy that was to be aired on DPTV. We would like to communicate with you all that the artist responded and apologized as did the Center for Performance Arts and Learning where they have deleted the event and DPTV has expressed their concern in following through ethically and they do not see anything regarding this manner planned to be aired. We appreciate your passion and service for others through ethical art therapy practices as we continue to navigate situations such as this it's important to support one another so thank you for working together.

January 20, 2020
American Art Therapy Association

Great news for some of our state chapters... stay tuned for our upcoming bill for Michigan!

‪2020 is off to a great start for art therapy! #Arttherapy licensure bills were introduced in Virginia and Indiana, and art therapists in Nebraska and Wisconsin participated in sunrise review processes or proposals already this January!🎉🎉🎉 ‬

January 16, 2020
I Light LLC

A post from our new Michigan Association of Art Therapy President Leara Glinzak, Art therapy prescriptions!

This is a prescription for art therapy. Last week I had a conversation where someone shared with me her dream is to see art therapy prescribed- I laughed and shared I had the same dream. Internally I thought well may be I would live to see the day this would happen and it was a very small seed of hope as I weighed the odds. Today someone came to me with a prescription from her Doctor for art therapy and I think I was more shocked than anything else as I stared at that little piece of paper - I lived to see the day despite how the odds felt in this favor as the Universe returned that one very quickly.

January 15, 2020
A Museum Hires a Full-time Therapist

The first art therapist be hired full time by a museum @the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

Is a museum visit just what the doctor ordered? In Montreal, medical professionals can prescribe you a museum visit. There's also a full-time art therapist on staff.

January 13, 2020
Michigan Association of Art Therapy's cover photo

One of our postcards for Michigan legislators!

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