MAAT works to provide educational opportunities in art therapy, to promote public awareness of the field of art therapy and the therapeutic use of art by publicizing research and maintaining standards of clinical practice.

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Clawson, MI

January 20, 2020
American Art Therapy Association

Great news for some of our state chapters... stay tuned for our upcoming bill for Michigan!

‪2020 is off to a great start for art therapy! #Arttherapy licensure bills were introduced in Virginia and Indiana, and art therapists in Nebraska and Wisconsin participated in sunrise review processes or proposals already this January!🎉🎉🎉 ‬

January 16, 2020
I Light LLC

A post from our new Michigan Association of Art Therapy President Leara Glinzak, Art therapy prescriptions!

This is a prescription for art therapy. Last week I had a conversation where someone shared with me her dream is to see art therapy prescribed- I laughed and shared I had the same dream. Internally I thought well may be I would live to see the day this would happen and it was a very small seed of hope as I weighed the odds. Today someone came to me with a prescription from her Doctor for art therapy and I think I was more shocked than anything else as I stared at that little piece of paper - I lived to see the day despite how the odds felt in this favor as the Universe returned that one very quickly.

January 15, 2020
A Museum Hires a Full-time Therapist

The first art therapist be hired full time by a museum @the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

Is a museum visit just what the doctor ordered? In Montreal, medical professionals can prescribe you a museum visit. There's also a full-time art therapist on staff.

January 13, 2020
Michigan Association of Art Therapy's cover photo

One of our postcards for Michigan legislators!

January 11, 2020
Feeling Artsy? Here's How Making Art Helps Your Brain

"It's important to note: if you're going through serious mental health distress, you should seek the guidance of a professional art therapist, says Strang.

However, if you're making art to connect with your own creativity, decrease anxiety and hone your coping skills, "by all means, figure out how to allow yourself to do that," she says"

Making art is fun. But there's a lot more to it. It might serve an evolutionary purpose — and emerging research shows that it can help us process difficult emotions and tap into joy.

January 11, 2020
Art psychotherapy can help people explore themselves through museum exhibits

Art Therapy in Great Britain...

More than just home to artworks or historical artefacts, museums and galleries can help people reflect on their own health issues.

January 9, 2020
New Parkinson's Art Exhibit from NYU Steinhardt's Art Therapy Program Shows Patients' 'Resilience'

‘Brain Storm: The Art of Resilience’ concludes a collaborative study between NYU Steinhardt’s Art Therapy program and NYU Langone.

January 8, 2020
Making Art Is Good For Your Health. Here's How To Start A Habit

This article references quotes by art therapists, Girija Kaimal, EdD, MA, ATR-BC and Christianne Strang, Ph.D., MA, ATR-BC 🙂

Professional artists aren't the only people who can make art. In this episode, learn how to weave art into your everyday life. Because whether you're doodling, making pottery or embroidering, creativity is good for you and your health.

January 6, 2020
Let’s Art About It

More workshops from "Let's Art About It"....

This month, Wendy Case - a Board Certified Art Therapist and Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in addiction - will be leading a 5-week Addiction Recovery Art Therapy Workshop for people in recovery or for those who love someone struggling with active addiction. The sessions will take place on Wednesdays, January 22 - February 19, 7-8:30pm. Register at Only 10 spots available! Supplies provided, no art experience required, ages 18+ welcome.

Wendy Case, MA, LPC, ATR-BC, CAADC, MAC is a Board Certified Art Therapist, Master Addictions Counselor, Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor, and Licensed Professional Counselor. Wendy is Director of the Art Therapy Program at Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery, has a duel Master of Arts degree in Art Therapy and Mental Health Counseling from Wayne State University, and a BFA in Fine Arts from the San Francisco Art Institute. She has worked in the Detroit area as a ... See more

January 6, 2020

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