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The Michigan Association of Art Therapy (MAAT) is a non-profit organization ratified in 1977 by the state of Michigan. MAAT works with the American Art Therapy Association (AATA) to provide educational opportunities in art therapy, to promote public awareness of the field of art therapy and the therapeutic use of art by publicizing research and maintaining standards of clinical practice and training.

Latest News

 posted on Wednesday 07/02/2014 
Licensure for Art Therapists in Michigan
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 posted on Friday 06/06/2014 
A Work in Progress- MAAT 2014-2016
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 posted on Thursday 03/15/2012 
National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day is May 9th, 2012.
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 posted on Friday 11/18/2011 
Holiday Cheer - MAAT Member gathering on Dec 4th at 2pm
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 posted on Tuesday 09/13/2011 
Check out the photos from MAAT's picnic trip to Khnemu Studio on Fernwood Farm!
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Past Events

Happened Sunday 07/27/2014
**GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING** July 27, 2014 11am Royal Oak (Pronto! Restaurant)
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Happened Tuesday 05/08/2012
"Ethics in Art Therapy Practice" workshop offered by Karen Schurgin, PhD, ATR
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Happened Tuesday 05/08/2012
MAAT 2012 Picnic & General Member meeting on Sunday, June 10th!
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Happened Tuesday 05/01/2012
Children's Mental Health Day Postcard Gallery up on the MAAT site!
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Happened Saturday 02/19/2011
Mentor Lunch and Website Launch Party
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